You Are Two

Posted By Pete O on Sep 27, 2017 | 1 comment

You are two. The one on the outside who everyone sees. And the one on the inside who interprets and narrates the world you experience.

Many of us focus on the ME everyone sees, training and grooming it and conforming it to the culture that surrrounds us.

The true art in life happens when we focus on cultivating the ME within, developing character, courage, kindness, empathy, and patience.

The ME on the outside is always and only a vague reflection of the ME on the inside. That’s because the inside is what creates the outside. The ME inside creates the ME outside as it constantly interprets and narrates and displays it’s own version of what’s outside.

Control the ME inside, and you control the ME outside. Then in fact, the two are one in the same. We have a word for this. Authentic.

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  1. A true story from Joan wester Anderson’s Where Angels Walk:
    In 1998 in SW Florida, 12 year old Mark Durrance was bitten by a rattlesnake. He barely survived. His story was that a man in white helped him get from the yard to the house-the man picked him up and carried him into the house where his parents found him unconscious.
    So, who was this ‘man in white’ who saved Mark? Was it an angel?
    I asked this question of a spirit (person not living) by the name of Elias. Elias is channeled by a Mary Ennis from Brattlesboro Vermont. Elias told me that Mark saved himself. Mark physically manifested the person who carried him up the porch steps and into the house. Elias said that we are constantly creating and un-creating physical manifestations. He says we create all of our reality. Yes, I believe the Me inside creates the Me outside; but also the inside Me creates the everything around Me.

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