Breaking the Faith

Posted By Pete O on Jul 28, 2022 | 0 comments

Breaking the Faith, in the July 2022 issue of New York magazine’s “The CUT” is a personal memoir of a young person’s break with the evangelical Christianity they grew up with. Here are some quotes from the story:

“As a teen, I gave everything to Christ. As an adult, I’m finally getting it all back.”

“From the moment I stepped onto the school grounds, things were crystal clear: Christian beliefs were interwoven within our curriculum, our textbooks, and our classes. It wasn’t something anyone could tune out.”

“My church’s biggest obsession was sex. There were endless sermons on sex, the holiness of marriage, and chastity. As a teenager, I attended so many purity conferences and “women’s studies” sessions led by my community because I was going through puberty and needed answers. Time and again, I was informed that any sexual desire, even if it was just a single thought, was wrong and that such fantasies were put in our heads by Satan.”

“When you undergo indoctrination, it can be so subtle that you don’t even realize it’s happening. And when — or if — you thoroughly escape, you are faced with all the ways you have hurt people and inflicted your own shame and suppression upon them. The way I’ve potentially damaged others is what has plagued me all these years. The same cord that wound us tight is the one we’ve wrapped around our family and friends because we were told, ‘This is love.'”

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