This site is dedicated to everyone wishing to pursue their spiritual enquiry beyond the traditional practice of Christian church. Whether you still attend church, or have not been inside a church in years, you are welcome here.

Are You “Spiritual But Not Religious?”

In recent years, the phrase in common use for people who maintain an interest in spiritual matters but no longer attend church is “Spiritual But Not Religious.” Admittedly, not everybody is happy with this phrase.


But for some, it perfectly describes where they are at. Maybe you continue to believe in the existence of a Creator God, or maybe your idea of God is changing into something new. Maybe you have come to view every person as a manifestation of God, or maybe you’ve decided the word “God” just has too much baggage associated with it and you prefer not to use it. That’s fine.

Maybe you have “lost your faith” but are not yet ready to let go of the identity you have as a Christian. Maybe you are experimenting with other ways to practice your faith, apart from organized religion of any kind. Maybe you are blazing your own path and really excited about what you are discovering.

This Forum Is For You

Here at Church Alumni Forum, you should feel free to be authentic about where you’re at. We aim to be the “hangout” where you can feel at home, get to know others who are on their own spiritual journey, and share your own thoughts and exploration.

We endeavor to make this discussion forum a place where you are respected for who you are and where you’re at regardless of your beliefs, attitudes, language, practices, predjudices, preferences, or background.


Church Alumni Forum was founded to be a meeting place for all spiritual seekers who have graduated from church — or are on the way — to share their experiences and be on the journey together.

What this forum will become, “God only knows.” But WE will make it whatever it needs to be. It is emerging. Your participation is how it begins. Pose your questions. Tell us about your own journey. We learn from each other. We are the Church Alumni.