In the absence of church, where do you find rituals that are meaningful to you? What are your spiritual practices?

Our lives are a collection of habits. Some are intentional, and many are invisible to us. As we grow into the fullness of the individual person we are, it is common for us to become more mindful of our habits. We realize that some habits benefit our spiritual progress and others are a hinderance. Here at Church Alumni Forum we want to celebrate the ritruals, practices, ceremonies, and habits that have helped us along the way.

Church consists of a vast array of rituals and habits… Many of us became graduates because we wished to free ourselves of these repetitious patterns. And yet we are creatures of habit — we like the comfort of repeatable experience.

After graduation, we still have our habits, rituals, practices, and ceremonies. But they will be different from the patterns we practiced as church-goers. How are they different? How do our current practices advance or hinder our spiritual growth? Let’s explore and examine our practices in the discussion forum as a way of recognizing the opportunity we have to invent new patterns that aid our spiritual evolution.