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Peter Oakley

    I reject the misguided notion that faith of any kind must be based on an ancient text. For much of my adult life I believed the “Bible” to be a sound basis for my faith. But during my “Sabbatical from Church” I used my time to delve into a great variety of both ancient and much newer texts. One remarkable text was “A Course in Miracles” authored by Helen Schucman and William Thetford.

    The book’s adherents purport this text to be a channelled teaching from Jesus. I don’t believe it.

    But… you don’t have to believe the back story to get some value from such writings. Personally I love “A Course in Miracles,” and return to it now and then to read and meditate on the next “lesson” from this wise and thoughtful philosophical treatise. That said, I no more revere it as “the Word of God” than I do the Bible. These are human works, aspiring to tell the biggest story, in the largest possible context, about our origins and purpose. In everyone’s spiritual quest, such human writings may serve as a useful way to reflect on each one’s own personal theory of the universe. Take the best teachings from each of them. Incorporate them into your own thinking and philosophy. But don’t believe anything just because you read it in a Big Book!

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