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Pete O

    Here’s another podcast to checkout: Reconstruct.

    “More Christians than ever are growing suspicious of the faith with which they were brought up; they are deeply questioning everything they once held as true…” Their remedy: First deconstruct, then reconstruct. Their three guiding values for the process of reconstruction are

    1. Meaningful Unity
    2. Critical Charity
    3. Serious Theology

    “We should take joy in seriously researching, discussing, and ruminating upon where we’ve been and where we’re going. Essentially, serious theology is about loving God with all our mind.”

    At the very least, visit their site and enjoy the fabulous paintings of Albert Bierstadt, a late-19th century artist and member of the Hudson River school, whose focus on dramatic lighting in natural settings on a massive scale served to introduce a young American nation to the majestic beauty of the American West.

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