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      Peter Oakley

        I wrote about my own “sabbatical” year off from church in one of the first blog posts on this forum. (See “Church Alumni Forum – Beginnings.”) For someone who had been going to church without fail every Sunday for decades, it was a big deal. So in my case it was a carefully formulated plan…

        • One year away from church
        • Followed by one year back at church
        • So I could compare the two.

        In spite of all the careful planning and thought that went into it, there were so many other experiences along the way that I could not have anticipated or expected.

        For instance, in the year-long absence from a church community, where does one go to find “community?” And another: In the absense of church, how does one pursue a spiritual quest? I found community both at a local tavern on Trivia night (Constant Spring — some of you may know it), and at a bi-weekly spiritual studies group that had been in existance for at least a decade before I joined them. That group was one way I carried out my personal spiritual quest. Another was through listening to podcasts, which were just beginning to happen at the time (around 2004.)

        How did you come to graduate from church? And what were a couple of the unexpected and surprising things that transpired along the way?

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        Peter Oakley

          More reason to spend some time away from church…

          “Get yourself out of the sanctuary so that you can shake off the sweet, soothing lull of the choir and escape saturation seduction. Find silence.”

          Read more in “You’ve been hacked: The psychology of disinformation and how to protect yourself” from Alter Net

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          Pete O

            More worthwhile reading… Church Drop-Out: Why Students Stop Attending Churchfrom Cabrini University (PA) Loquitur.

            • 70 percent of young adults who attend college stop attending church on a regular basis.
            • 24 percent of students stopped attending church because of their work responsibilities.
            • 31 percent of those who stopped attending church on a regular basis while in college start to come back attending at least two services a month.
            • 69 percent of people go to church so that their children will have a moral foundation.

            ~ Pete O

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